WHOLESALE is the part of our business where we sell our straws to companies to resell to their customers usually in a retail environment. If you would like to DISTRIBUTE our straws - in Different country then we have different price lists and terms.

Wholesale collections are specially picked to be our best selling styles which are packaged for reselling. These are specifically for retailers or online retailers who are selling directly to end use customers like in a shop or party business B2C. If you want to sell to other businesses B2B we would consider you a DISTRIBUTOR and offer different terms.

To be wholesale, you need to be a valid business, bricks and mortar selling on our products. Alternatively an online retailer who sells our products on. In the first instance please contact the team below.

For wholesale we do not ask for a large first commitment, but we do offer more discount with the more you cumulatively order. For international retailers we ask for a slightly higher minimum, but again prices reduce the more you order. We are for a minimum of 10 packs of 25 per style/colour.

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