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Adyah Eco Products is a small step towards a sustainable future. We are manufacturer of Eco friendly alternatives for plastic items associated with food industry such as Paper Straw, Paper Platesand Paper Cups.

As of 2018 world is producing 380 Million Tons of plastic every year. Plastic decomposition may take up to 600 years. In a study done in year 2017, it was found that 83% of the tap water was contaminated with plastic pollutants. As per an estimation US consumes 390 Million plastic straws per day which is an alarming situation.

Having known the affliction related to plastic pollutions on land and ocean, State Government of 4 states in India has banned single use plastic, it is expected that it will soon be banned in other states also. At the same time, it’s pertinent that these alternatives of plastic products are easily available to industries and consumers. Its our mission to make these alternatives easily available to industries and consumers. Thus, Adyah Eco Products is a small step making a big difference.

Our Mission

To make easy availability of Eco-friendly alternatives of plastic.

Our Vision

To make the earth cleaner and greener for future generations.

About CEO

Nidhi Mundra is first generation entrepreneur, she has an engineering background and holds a Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from “BITS PILANI” along with it she is a Chartered Engineer and Member of institute of Engineers (India).

She has an area of interest in the field of Research of Lean Manufacturing where she has a vision to make earth better place to live. In line with her she has taken a step forward by initiative of “Adhay Eco Products”.

A small step towards cleaner environment

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